Asked April 9, 2017, 6:22 PM EDT

I have bought two types of jasmine plants and I am not sure if either will survive the winter in our area. one type is called Madagascar Jasmine (Stephanotis Floribunda) and the other is Jasminum polyanthum. The stephanotis has beautiful blossoms and I'm hoping it will be alright over the winter. Can you help me with this?

Jefferson County Kentucky

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Jasmine plants are beautiful and have very fragrant flowers, but they will not survive our cold winters. They can be grown indoors, preferably in a sun-room or heated greenhouse. I am sorry but neither plant will survive a winter outdoors in Kentucky.

Winter temperatures in KY can reach -5 degrees. Our hardiness zone is 6b
The hardiness zone numbers represent the range of temperatures the plant will survive in. The lower the number, the lower the temperature conversely, the higher the number is the higher (or warmer) the temperatures are in that zone.

The Stephanotis floribunda grows well in a 10 - 11 zone (southern Florida).

Jasminum polyanthum takes a little colder weather in zone 8 - 11(southern Georgia).

The link below is to the USDA hardiness zone map, as you can see Kentucky is way too cold for either plant.


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