My palm tree houseplant is sick

Asked April 9, 2017, 4:00 PM EDT

I bought a palm house plant about six weeks ago. Within two weeks, its leaves started to turn yellow then brown. I asked about it and then said try misting it. Did that. It did nothing. I'm watering it about once a week by putting the whole put in the sink and letting the water drain before putting it back in its basket. Last week I cut all of the infected leaves away, fertilized it with fish emulsion, but the leaves started to do the same thing again right away. It's affecting leaves at all levels of the plant. I have the plant in my kitchen. There is a southern exposure but it is not in direct sunlight. The plant is a tree and stands about four feet high. I've attached three photos. Any info would be most appreciated. Thank you.

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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Many palms are brought up from Florida in containers and are trying to adjust to their new surroundings. Most likely there is a lack of light and may need to be repotted.
Usually palms like to be somewhat root bound. Knock the plant out of the pot and make sure the roots are firm and white and not black and shriveled. Repot into the next size container with holes for drainage. You may want to use a soilless mixture. Look at our houseplant publication for repotting information and the link from Clemson on care of indoor palms for lighting, fertilization, etc.