Asked April 8, 2017, 2:08 PM EDT

I am having a dispute with my former hay supplier regarding foxtail in my hay. I am positive it is foxtail (and was confirmed by the local extension office as well as by my vet and equine dentist. I am looking to have someone certified be able to identify and confirm in writing that what I am claiming is foxtail, is indeed foxtail

Franklin County Pennsylvania

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Looks like foxtail to me also. I contacted the Franklin County Extension office, your local office according to the message that I received, and you can take it there for identification. Kelly Patches is the educator who can do that identification and write something up for you.

I have spoken with Kelly and she was quite helpful in identifying it as well. However, she was uncertain what she was and wasn't allowed to do as far as providing documentation to that effect. Which is why I was looking for another possibility of a lab in case she was unable to provide that for me.

I would think that Kelly could send to Dwight Lingenfelter or Bill Curran at Penn State.