lilac tree grafting

Asked April 8, 2017, 1:18 PM EDT

Hi, Maryland Extension. I'm wondering if you can offer some advice in potentially grafting some branches from one area of a lilac tree to another area of the same tree? I've attached a photo of the tree. Several years ago, quite a bit of snow slid off my roof and sheared off the branches on the right side of the tree. I let the tree go for a few years to see if small branches might sprout on the side of the tree that was sheared off. Thusfar, there has not been much growth on the bare side. Might it be possible for me to take some branches from the left side and somehow graft them onto the right side to eventually give the tree a more balanced appearance? It seems like spring would be the time to attempt this grafting approach.

Prince George's County Maryland

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Grafting would not be effective. Lilacs in general are propagated by cuttings and simple layering.
You can prune back to reduce the height and look for new growth. Here is some information on rejuvenating an older lilac
Also, looks like the plant is growing in the shade and this is not the best location for flowering. The plant needs full sun.