Weeping Alaskan Cedar Dying?

Asked April 7, 2017, 4:29 PM EDT

Both Weeping Alaskan Cedars pictured were planted the same day. One is thriving, one is really struggling. The yellowed ones foliage is not dry or brittle, just yellow. They are planted in a lot of clay. I have tried to extract clay and add compost. I am hoping for advice that I can act upon before it is too late.

Jackson County Missouri

2 Responses

When I see evergreen trees that look like the one in the picture, rarely do they ever come out of that. These trees need moist, but well-drained soil. They need organic matter. Your clay soil may be the issue. Not sure why one tree tolerates it but the other does not. One tree may be taking moisture and nutrients away from the other one. Keep these trees watered during periods of drought. Do not let the soil dry out totally around them. These trees can get really big and need lots of space. They prefer full sun but will tolerate light shade. These trees are pretty much disease and insect free, so most likely you have a soil issue going on. I really think they are too close together and the other tree is taking away moisture from the other one, but the clay soil could be factor also. I'm sorry, but rarely do evergreens turn green again after turning brown like this one. If you plant another one make sure it has lots of space. Open areas are good for these types of evergreen trees.

Thank you so much for your expert advise. I will act according to your guidance.