Acid Soil

Asked April 6, 2017, 5:43 PM EDT

We recently had to take a large White Oak down, it was not diseased, just splitting. What tree would you recommend we plant in it's place? I would like a pine type tree, but isn't the soil acidy from the oak? The stump was ground out so we have a great hole started.

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The process leaves a lot of fresh sawdust mixed in with the soil replaced in the hole. It will be breaking down and using nitrogen, yes. You can work nitrogen fertilizer into this soil with a shovel, mixing it throughout, to help with the break-down. We do not have a specific measurement to give you. If you cannot work in in, and even if you can, you may want to wait a few weeks or months to let the sawdust stabilize.
Your other option is not to place the new tree directly into the old planting hole, but nearby and you should probably remove the wood chips and compost them. Even then it will take a few years for the roots to rot and the soil level will drop.

It is the freshness of the sawdust that is the problem.

Sorry, I forgot to address the acidity question, There is not enough left in the soil to be a problem. The issue is the nitrogen needed to break down the wood left in the soil after tree removal.