Ground cover

Asked April 6, 2017, 3:15 PM EDT

I am selecting ground cover for an area where I killed Japanese Stiltgrass. I planted trees in rows. I plan to plant ground cover between the trees and help it spread while continuing to beat down the stiltgrass. There are two areas of about 2000 sq ft each. I am considering: Gallium odoratum Packera aurea Waldsteinia lobata Question: Can any of these be planted together? I believe two will be more resilient than one. Thanks.

Howard County Maryland

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We would like to have more information on the site conditions and a rough location before we can make recommendations for groundcovers. For example, Sun/shade, moist/dry, acid/neutral, rich/poor, etc.

Planting a variety of groundcovers and letting them duke it out is a good idea.


Full sun now until the trees (river birch 4 ft) I planted mature. Near a stream. Usually moist unless a drought. Soil is moderate quality with rocks and clay. I do not know the pH.

I sent in soil for a test today. I paid for a rush and hope for results by Monday.

Here are some suggestions: woodland sunflower - ok for moist to dry soils but not for wet

wood oats
golden groundsel
narrow-leaf mountainmint
and for something a little taller, red chokeberry.