Grasses/bird nests

Asked April 5, 2017, 11:59 AM EDT

My neighbor has a hill with planted ornamental grasses. Every spring the lawn care guys cut the grasses back. My question : do birds build nests in these grasses and are they destroyed when grasses are cut back? We have tons of birds around our property, and i am concerned about their wellbeing.

Centre County Pennsylvania

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Cutting or burning ornamental grasses is a preferred maintenance procedure. Most song birds are opportunistic nesters that will use what ever materials they can get their hands on. Some folks will try to attract birds to their area by making a nest material dispenser by using a suet feeder full of materials birds will use for nests. Dry grasses (hay), coco matting, hair, sphagnum moss, small twigs, cattail fluff, etc. can be used. So, do not be alarmed by the neighbor, the birds will be fine.