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Asked April 5, 2017, 11:48 AM EDT

We need to trap bees for a small experiment. What is the best non kill trapping decive?

Trigg County Kentucky

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Depending on the bee you are trying to catch you may have a few options, I've seen a few wood bee traps that seemed to work alright. I've not seen a selective honeybee trap that I think would work very well this time of the year. Generally beekeepers want all the bees in a swarm or unwanted hive when they try to relocate them. Other options might include catching a few in a sweep net they are easy to find on anything blooming right now, or getting some from a local bee keeper, we have several around. If you could give us a call at the office in Trigg County we could probably give you a little better answer with more information. 270-522-3269