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Asked April 5, 2017, 11:29 AM EDT

What is the best material for a path starting from our front door to the back patio? We removed pea gravel a couple years ago. We have hardwood floors in the house and we know the smaller stones get stuck in shoe soles. We have a very sturdy metal three inch tall "guide" to keep the material in place. Thanks. Good gardening !

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Thanks for your question. But, oh my goodness, there is no "best" material for paths. Well, at least I hope there isn't. There are too many variables to consider and so many good choices.

Oregon State University Extension has a couple of sources you may want to check out. Take a look at "Hardscapes for a Sustainable Landscape" at this link:

Wood chips or hazelnut shells can be used for paths. See the OSU publication "Pick a good mulch groundcover for your yard" at this link.

For rock choices, search the internet. I searched for "rocks for garden paths" and then looked at the "images for rocks for garden paths". There are many wonderful options.

Likewise, search the internet for businesses that sell landscape rock. There are many in our area.

What a fun project. Good luck.