Hi, Thank you for this opportunity to ask an expert. If I have a good quality...

Asked April 4, 2017, 3:34 PM EDT

Hi, Thank you for this opportunity to ask an expert. If I have a good quality soil test on crop land, and it told me high acidity in the soil and the soil's nutrients of phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium levels are greatly depleted, then tell me, generally speaking, in theory, how long or how many years will it take to buildup the soil's nutrient levels, the soil's pH level to 6.5? What will the lime, fertilizer and yield curves look like? For example, if it takes 100 units of lime and fertilizer in year one, will it take only 50 units of lime and 70 units of fertilizer in year two or three? If the yield in year one is 100 units, then will the yield be 200 units in year two or three?

Erie County Ohio

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Hi -

You'll need to speak with your local extension person:

Timothy Malinich
Agriculture and Natural Resources, Horticulture Educator

Tim can help you interpret the results of your soil test and walk through the recommendations of what to apply. The time to get the pH back up to where it needs to be depends on the desire pH for the crop you plan to grow. The buffer pH helps determine the lime recommendations for the test.

Without a copy of the soil test results, I cannot supply you with detailed information. Tim will be glad to help!