Make a "new" lawn

Asked April 4, 2017, 3:03 PM EDT

We have a tiny N portland backyard, smaller than most. I want to find a company/person who will dig it up, amend and till it and put down seed or sod of something that serves kids and dogs the way a lawn does, but is more friendly to other creatures as well. Suggestions? Thanks, Vivianne

Multnomah County Oregon lawn renovation

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Thank you for your question, Vivianne. Unfortunately, the Extension Service cannot recommend commercial firms to perform work, and the various internet information resources may be your best bet.

I can give you a link to an article by Kim Pokorny, who, coincidentally, works for OSU. This resource suggests alternate lawn plants, with some companies listed. (However, since this was published in 2013, they may or may not still be in business.)

Hope this is helpful. Good luck!