Side of house slope, pollinator plants with erosion control

Asked April 3, 2017, 12:17 PM EDT

Good afternoon! I'm looking to make my yard much more pollinator/bee friendly this year. On the side of my home, there is a slope (maybe a 3 foot drop) that leads down to my neighbor's privacy fence. The slope is severe enough to make mowing it difficult, and we have sump pump drainage that runs down it as well that has caused a small channel to start to form. The slope itself runs the length of the yard, and I'd like to consider not only the side adjacent to the home, but the open areas in the backyard as well. Provided it is planned, I'm OK with leaving it to grow naturally as well with wildflowers, shrubs or other plants that are beneficial to pollinators. As the slope goes deeper into the backyard, it gets more and more wet - with the back of my yard getting swampy after rainstorms. I'd like to landscape the slope with plants that are beneficial for pollinators, reduces my need to mow the area significantly, and helps with any water runoff as well. The slope itself is on the East/North East side of the house with little impeding sunlight except for the house itself. I've attached a photo of the front of my home - the left side of the photo shows the slope in general. Finally, we have significant rabbits in the area to consider - I can put up some fencing but I would prefer to select plants that rabbits dislike or ones that can stand up to them while young or over time. Do you have any ideas for plants that I could place in this area, or resources I could review to help me make some decisions?

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