ponds and waterdogs

Asked April 2, 2017, 6:49 PM EDT

i have a new pond that is mostly above ground (embankment). it leaks. a neighbor told me that putting waterdogs in it would solve the problem and that csuagext would be a source for them. is there any truth to this?

La Plata County Colorado

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wish it were true, but alas, I strongly doubt it. Your dam is leaking due to lack of compaction of the mineral soil when you (or whomever) built the dam. Or they could have compacted it, but don't have the proper soil type to ensure a well-sealed dam. Soils with a heavy clay concentrate is the best. Or the soil could be ok, but there is debris (grasses, roots, limbs, etc.) and the vegetation is breaking-down and now the pond id leaking. You could use a clay agent (bentonite) but results are questionable and the stuff is expensive. Ig you want top halt the leaks, the only way is drain the pond and excavate the edges of the dam to ensure you've eliminated any vegetation. Be sure to compact the devil out of the thing! There are no good answers to a leaky dam. Critters won't help. It will require major work. Sorry for the news, but that's my opinion.

hi steve. i suspected that i'd get the response you gave me. i still have a problem to solve. the soil is heavy clay an d i use this pond to control my irrigation on 8 acres and pump some above the ditch for lawn, garden, etc. this pond was built last year, leaked on filling , ( it was a build up from an old pond ). since i have such good control of it i fill it when i need water and let it drain when i don't. do you think filling and draining repeatedly will solidify this embankment? thanks for your ideas, tom

filling and draining helps? I don't think so. either your leaks are from inadequate soil compaction/soil type or when constructed, the dam contains vegetation, roots, etc... that prevents the dam from sealing. I could be wrong, but there's no easy answer here.

ok going back to where i started this conversation, does csuag have a program to provide land owners with salamanders?

I do not know. You'll have to do the research on that one, but I have previously not seen or heard of such a thing.