New Homeowners - lots of pine, thick yellow patches

Asked April 2, 2017, 5:58 PM EDT

Hi there! We bought our first home! It includes a half acre of grass and trees, including 8+ pine trees. The grass looks like it must've been long under the snow - there are patches of thick yellow grass among the green .. When is it appropriate to thatch the yard, how do we know if we need to aerate and when do you do that ..? And .. what kind of maintenance do you recommend under our pine trees to promote grass growth? Branches are trimmed 7-9 feet up the trunks. Finally - how do you know what type of grass you have? I read briefly about warm/cool grasses. Thank you!

Washington County Minnesota lawns and turf landscaping

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To start check out the turf pages at the UMN and use them as a guide book to save on time, money and effort.
The patches of snow mold can be gently raked out. The grass will recover.
De-thatching is only necessary if the lawn has been over fertilized.
Growing grass under trees is difficult but can be done with some success. Plant shade varieties of grass and water the grass and trees weekly. Another option would be to plant Pennsylvania sedge which looks like grass but does well in
shade. Cool season grasses can be distinguished from warm season by the kinds of grasses growing. It is most likely that your grass is cool season grass, warm season grasses do not do well in MN.