Replanting daffodils in April

Asked April 2, 2017, 3:25 PM EDT

I am digging up daffodils that are blooming in a flower bed I am revising. Can they be left out of the ground a week or 2 and then replanted. I am wanting to plant them along the border of a field. How deep should they be planted? Also can they be planted in bunches and not individually? Will they bloom next spring?

Benton County Oregon

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Hello. April is not really the time to be disturbing your daffodils. If you want rebloom you should wait until the flowers are done and the foliage has yellowed or browned. That is when you can safely dig them up. When the foliage is yellow/brown, the next year’s blossom is already fully formed inside the bulb, not before. If you want them to bloom next year wait until then. Once up you have two options. Carefully drying them in the shade and then storing them in an orange sack or pair of pantyhose until it is time to plant the bulbs in the fall. Or you can immediately replant them in their new place. Daffodils should be planted with the top of the bulb four inches below the soil. However, in clay they should be planted shallower. Yes, you can put them in groups but they should have about 4 to 5 inches in between bulbs. They multiply rapidly and should be dug up every 3-5 years and then replanted for best bloom. If your daffodils quit blooming it is most likely they are too crowded and should be dug up, separated and replanted.