lace-leaf hop plant

Asked April 2, 2017, 1:56 PM EDT

We have been growing hops for several years at our residence. For the last couple of years, the plants start out well, but when the leaf mature it appears that some is eating the leaf which becomes lacey. However, I cannot find any evidence of what is eating them, perhaps it is too small. Please advise, thank you, Patty Krier

Lane County Oregon

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There are many pests of hops, some of which could be causing your problem. Potential pests with damage you describe could be flea beetles, hop loopers or other caterpillars. It is important to have the pest properly identified because treatments will be very different.

Below is a guide for commercial growers, however there are some good pictures of pests and damage, perhaps one of them will look like what you witnessed last year. The insect section is on pages 36-51.

I would recommend scouting your hops throughout the season on different plant parts during different times of day, hopefully then you can find this elusive pest to confirm it's identity. Your local extension office can also provide assistance with proper identification (bring in an insect sample) and management recommendations.

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