Stanley Dwarf Plum Tree

Asked April 2, 2017, 9:36 AM EDT

We have had the tree for four years,the first years yield 150 plumbs +. The next three years several hundred , beautiful fruit. before harvest 85% of the the fruit falls off .Could you help with a suggestion on fixing this problem!

Queen Anne's County Maryland fruit tree fruit plum tree fruits fall

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It is a challenge to grow tree fruits in Maryland without careful management and a carefully timed and repeated chemical spray schedule for diseases and pests.

Here is our fruit page:
Plums are considered 'stone fruits' so click on that to see the most common and destructive pests and diseases, such as plum curculio, which can cause an entire crop of unsprayed plum to drop.
Sanitation, or clean up of fallen fruit, mummies and weeds is important as well.
Cultural management and spray schedules are included on the first page.