Safe weed Killer

Asked April 2, 2017, 7:45 AM EDT

I've heard their is a homemade weed killer to use in the garden without harming the ground or staying in the soil. What are the ingredients? How long does it last? How soon after application can I plant? What is the purpose of each ingredient? Does it kill the weed roots? I though it was vinegar, Epson salt and liquid soap. Or do you have a better or more effective one?

Frederick County Maryland

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There are a number of organic and less toxic controls on the market. These active ingredients include Acetic acid (vinegar), cinnamon oil, iron chelate, potassium salts of fatty acid, citric acid, and clove oil. These are non selective, contact herbicides. They are not effective on mature or perennial weeds that have a substantial root system. If you decide to use follow label directions.

In ornamental beds we recommend handpulling or an organic mulch.
For vegetable gardens -