Lawn being taken by something...

Asked April 1, 2017, 7:40 PM EDT

Hello. We have a 8 x 50 full sun lawn on our Corvallis property. The remainder of the ground is an organic garden.The past few years, this plant (shown) has been spreading vigorously in the lawn. The single plant shown is about 6 inches top to bottom of root. Of course it would get taller if we didn't mow. I am wondering what it is, and options on how to eradicate it. I have never used pesticides. I am OSU faculty and am glad you are here! Thank you. Fine share my question if you wish, but please remove my name. Truly, Julie

Benton County Oregon

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You have a combination of clover and English Daisy. To remove the weed you will need to use a selective herbicide or pull out the weed by hand. If you use a selective herbicide, chose something with the active ingredient triclopyr (Weed B Gon - Chickweed, Clover & Oxalis Killer). Triclopyr is the best ingredient for clover and English Daisy. Be sure to fertilize your lawn at least 4 times per year to prevent the return of this weed.