Help! Strawberry leaves have yellow edges and some spots

Asked April 1, 2017, 3:22 PM EDT

Hello, I just planted strawberry crowns on March 18. They started growing green leaves and everything looked great until I noticed today that a lot of the leaves started having yellow on them. I've attached some pictures. The plants are very small since I just planted them a couple weeks ago. They are in a raised bed that is 50/50 compost and top soil. I have not added fertilizer or mulch. We did have a lot of rain yesterday (an inch of rain) and rain this past Tuesday there was rain. Will my strawberry plants be ok? Can I do something about them? This yellow is on most of the leaves. Thanks!

Howard County Maryland strawberry cold damage small fruit

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This looks like cold damage on the strawberries. As temperatures warm up, they should grow out of this.
Pull the blooms off of newly planted strawberry plants for the first growing season. Here is our page on fertilization
Mulch with straw to keep the weeds down once the soil warms up.