Worm identification

Asked April 1, 2017, 12:55 PM EDT

This year we found hundreds of these parasite type looking worms in our salt water pool. They are 1" - 2" long, grayish brown with little mouths. The ones in this photo are dead, but they were live when we netted them last weekend. Can you let us know what they are and how to get rid of them?

Jackson County Oregon

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I though they look like craneflies and my colleague Bill (please read below), confirmed it. They are harmless to humans or pets. They feed on roots of a variety of crops. For the size they were looking for a place to rest before becoming a fly (big fly)


"From Bill Gerth (OSU Corvallis Plant Clinic)

Those look like cranefly larvae (retracted head and a pair of large, dark spiracles at the hind end). The terrestrial cranefly larvae often go wandering around when they are mature looking for good places to pupate. These individuals were probably on just such a walk-about when the made the unfortunate choice to wander too near the edge of the pool. The cranefly wandering is a seasonal occurrence and should end on its own---so this should not continue to happen into summer. These larvae won’t harm the pool or anyone or anything using the pool"