Redwood Tree Care

Asked March 31, 2017, 11:59 PM EDT

Hello A few years ago i moved into a house with two redwood trees in the back yard. In the summer they get very brown and drop tons of needles and branches. Compared to other redwoods i have seen in the area i would say mine are kinda thin looking and not very full. Are there fertilizers that would help? Also should i be watering them in the dry months? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks -Jim

Washington County Oregon

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It is normal for redwood trees to shed a lot of dry foliage in the summer. That said, regular, slow deep waterings during the summer is a good idea, as redwood trees naturally grow where it is moist. Apply the water around the driplines of the trees, not the bases. You could also apply mulch below the trees (or just leave those shed needles on the ground) to help retain the soil moisture. I don't think fertilizer is warranted in this case. It may take a year or so for you to notice any effect of the added watering, as the trees will need time to rebuild their foliage.