Forage varieties of Kentucky bluegrass

Asked March 28, 2017, 2:59 PM EDT

We are planning to reseed our horse pasture of 20 years which originally was a bluegrass lawn. Recently I learned of forage varieties of Kentucky bluegrass. How do they differ from regular bluegrass and what advantages or disadvantages would they offer?

Polk County Iowa

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Good Morning:

Bluegrass is a forage that goes dormant as soon as temperatures reach the high 70's. It is a low growing grass and so not very high in yield. Although not familiar with the new varieties, I would expect that they are more tolerant to heat and drought and would be taller growing plants. I would recommend that you contact your local Extension office for pasture mixes suitable for Iowa. A recommended grass pasture mix that is suitable for horse pasture in PA is 8 lb. of Kentucky bluegrass, 4 lb. of Timothy, and 4 lb. of bromegrass.