section of tree dying

Asked March 28, 2017, 11:50 AM EDT

I have a small tree which I've identified as a Malabar chestnut through google images. It is about twelve years old, a plant I rescued when my work office closed about two years ago. I've changed the soil when I brought it home and it has been doing well in my humid Brooklyn apartment. It gets indirect sunlight. Very recently, one of the branches has started to die off. All of the leaves have wilted and the wood part feels slightly softer than the other two. I water once a week. Is there anything I can do to rescue this part of the tree? Any further help of care would be appreciated.

Kings County New York

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It may be the watering:

This tree likes a deep drink of water about once a week. Allow the top two or three inches of soil to dry before the next watering. Make sure there is good drainage so that the roots are not constantly swimming, which leads to rot. It likes humidity as well. If you find your money tree plant is not doing well, it may be due to too much watering.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your response! Is there anything I can do to help the effected part of the plant? The other two branches are growing well and look green and healthy. I've removed the pebbles from the top of the soil and stirred the soil around the sick section.
Thank you

You could replace a bit of potting mix on the top with fresh mix (topdressing) that may help.