Clumps of grass

Asked March 26, 2017, 8:17 PM EDT

Hi! We purchased a house last fall, after all the grass has died. Now that it's warming up, we're seeing very little lawn grass, but lots of clumps of wide blade grass. I would just like to identify what type of grass the clump is, so I can figure out how to get rid of it. If you happen to know what the fine stuff growing around it is, that would be great to know, too! Thank you!

Spalding County Georgia

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Turf management for lawns and weed identification is different for each region. Ask a about this at your local garden center or Master Gardener Helpline. You county doesn't seem to have an active Master Gardener Volunteer group, but a neighboring county may. Here is a page with links to the area resources:
The main state page:

Thank you for your response and for the links! Our local experiment station has a huge turf program and I'm hoping one of their researchers sees this. If not, I will definitely ask at our local gardening center. I see that you're in Oregon; I lived in Beaverton for a while and I miss the NW like crazy. Hope you're enjoying spring out there!

Wettest winter in a very long time for western Oregon. We've had enough! Yet the green is nice.

The large clumps seem to be tall fescue and the other looks like annual bluegrass.Both will be hard to get rid of, especially not knowing what your lawn type. spot treatment with glyphosate will probably be the best thing on the fescue. Annual bluegrass can be taken care of with pre-emergent herbicide applications in the fall. Bluegrass will fade away as we get hot in the summer so doing any post emergent control now is not useful.