Ficus in poor health

Asked March 26, 2017, 1:38 PM EDT

Hello, I have had this ficus for two years. It has been dropping an usual amount of leaves this winter. I trimmed it down dramatically in the fall in anticipation of decreased winter light and leaves dropping because it was almost two feet taller and extremely thick. Now however only about 50% of the leaves remaining look healthy and I am worried it won't make it to summer with adequate foliage. There also appears to be some shedding on the branches, which is new. Any suggestions? I have medium to low light in my apartment, however it hasn't posed a problem until now. Thanks!

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Try viewing this site for help
Another thing is that the soil may be depleted and you might try re-potting it.

Hello, I read over the link information and I didn't change any of the factors. Is the shedding shown in the photo a sign of a certain problem? What soil or fertilizer would you recommend?

Any potting soil will do but Don't fertilize since the plant is already stressed. Repotting will also let you take a look at the roots to see if there is any problem there. Also don't place it is the sun as that will also stress it.