Adding a pre emergent herbicide to raw mulch from a cut down tre

Asked March 26, 2017, 1:03 PM EDT

This pre emergent was for grass and stated that it would take out dandelions and clover. A tree was cut down and pulverized on site. I collected it and used it to make paths in my garden. I am renovating the garden after s period of neglect, maybe a year and a half. I paid little attention to most of the plants I covered. There is some lesser celandine, a blue speedwell, asters and assorted bulbs, all up and out. I did not cover the bulbs. Isn't the pre emergent supposed to prevent plants from germinating? Do pre emergents get perennialsmthst have not leafed and turned? I know of this situation, where someone moved bags of pesticide near a stream and broke the bags, some were opened the rest torn by rocks on the bottom. He found all these dead fish and investigated the source. The farmer was sued and lost. This was along Raccoon Creek maybe thirty years ago.

Darke County Ohio

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The pre-emergent herbicide should prevent emergence of the plants that are found on the label for a period of time. The residual affect of the herbicide could be 6-8 weeks for some herbicides.