Plant Crimson Pointe Flowering Plum in Spring?

Asked March 25, 2017, 2:41 PM EDT

Hello! I would like to plant a privacy screen of trees beside a low fence. I was considering the Crimson Pointe flowering plum, but I'm open to anything that looks nice and has a low diameter. Can you please recommend a tree that would grow well in the Baltimore area in relatively clay soil? The location has lots of sun and low wind. I'm willing to wait till fall to plant but would prefer to plant in spring if possible. Thanks!

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This definitely sounds applicable, depending on how much privacy you want, since they do loose their leaves in the winter.
Ornamental fruit trees are fabulously lovely, but they do have their problems with possible diseases and pests, including Japanese beetles.
That said, they offer an interesting leaf color and spring bloom.
Just so you know, here is our IPM:Ornamental Fruit Tree publication:

Other options would include mid-sized crapemyrtles, hollies, either deciduous, like winterberry hollies (need male and female for beautiful berries) or evergreen (Fosters are narrow) Jane magnolias or other lower growing magnolia, fothergilla or even redbuds.
Probably the best suggestion is to diversify, that is, mix up the plantings in groupings of 3 or 5. That way you have multiple interest, but if some pest or disease comes along, you don't lose the whole planting at once.
If you want an evergreen screen and deer aren't a problem, the smaller-maturing varieties of arborvitae are a possibility.
Spring is the best time for planting most trees/shrubs. Go to a garden center and see what you like, but be sure to read the tags for mature size.
Here is our page on trees and shrub selection, planting, and aftercare: