Weird mushroom growth on Abies

Asked March 25, 2017, 2:39 PM EDT

Hello! I work at a box-store nursery and I have found an odd mushroom-like growth on my dwarf spruce and kinnikinnick. They both came from the same vendor, but arrived 5 weeks apart. They were clean when they arrived, and the infestations on both were found on the same day. The plant otherwise seems healthy with no discoloration, leaf loss, or insect activity. The two plants are about 50' from each other and, to my knowledge, have never come into contact with each other. Given the retail-nature of the garden center, a customer may have touched both, but that's the only spreading vector I can think of (other than nature..wind, bird, etc). It doesn't seem to be spreading very rapidly. I've include a picture of the growth on a small, 1 gallon sized dwarf alberta spruce.

Benton County Oregon

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hello. Considering I'm a harvest/marketing person, I'm the wrong guy. :) I have no idea what'sgoing-on. So I'd say your best bet is send this to our forest health specialist.
He's a good guy and I'd think can be of some help. Sorry I don't have anything else, but at least we steered you towards someone that does know.
steve b