concorde barber - good for MoCo?

Asked March 25, 2017, 11:06 AM EDT

Our house came with some (I'm pretty sure) concorde barberry shrubs -- pretty put please leaves, spines We tried to move them, probably not carefully enough, and they mostly died. I'd like to replace them, but want to be sure they are not invasive and/or they are reasonably native to the area before I invest in new plants

Montgomery County Maryland

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We are glad you asked, and think you inadvertently did a good thing by killing them.
Barberry, from Japan, has become a nuisance invasive in our area as it shows up and takes over in natural areas of the state. Research is also beginning to show that the areas where they are invading have higher populations of black-legged ticks (formally known as deer ticks), which are the ones that can vector Lyme disease.

We do not recommend planting them.