Horse Pasture Spraying

Asked March 23, 2017, 6:56 PM EDT

Hi, What weed killer can I use in my two small horse paddocks?

Polk County Oregon

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I would need to know what weeds you want to kill in order to make a recommendation. Please let me know what weeds are an issue for you.

Hi Gene,
Hope you are happy and well.

Here's a picture from the worst weeds in my little paddock. I overseeded it with Horse Pasture Blend from Wilco last fall but the weeds are back and taking over. Sue

Thanks for the photo. It looks like creeping buttercup but a little difficult to tell for sure. If you can compare with an internet photo that would confirm it. Here is a site to look at buttercup:

There are a couple of wild geraniums that have a similar leaf so I don't want to assume it is buttercup without verification. Then you can give me a phone call at 503-931-5163 and we can chat about control measures.

Hi Gene,
I'm still not sure what this weed is. Maybe it's a geranium, but the leaves are so small and it doesn't seem right. Perhaps a buttercup but the serrated edges throw me off a bit. I've certainly tried to find it on many sites. It's kind of like looking for a needle in a haystack. I miss using a Scientific Key. Anyway, I don't know if you are on vacation or are working this week and don't want to bother you if you are enjoying time away, but if you are available to discuss this please call me.
I'm sending three more photos that I took yesterday in hopes that they will help.
Sue 503-602-8323

Hi Gene,
Do you have an identification of my weeds and a recommendation for spraying my paddocks?

Thanks for your help.


I plan to look at them late this afternoon. Was not in Dallas for a few days. working on a research project. You can call me around 5:30 this afternoon. 503 931-5163