Kiwi Not Producing Fruit

Asked March 23, 2017, 5:33 PM EDT

We planted two kiwi plants 4 years ago (one male plant, one female plant), and they have not produced fruit yet. The leaves come out beautifully, then the flowers, but no fruit sets. The plants are on the south side of the house, so they receive a lot of sun and light. What are your recommendations for getting them to bear fruit?

Yamhill County Oregon

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Kiwi are a wonderful fruit to grow here in the Pacific Northwest. They do require a bit more management than some other fruits, but the results well worth the effort. I would make double sure that you did indeed accquire both a male and a female plant. The flower on the male plant only produces pollen the first 2-3 days after opening. It is critical that the plants flower at the same time. They are dependent on insects for pollination. When they bloom this year make sure they bloom at the same time and that you see bees on the flowers. If not, they are not getting pollinated. I suggest that you look into acquiring mason bees to help with that effort. Here’s a link to the Home Orchard Society page on Mason Bees.

For more information that you ever dreamed of needing about kiwis, here is a link to an OSU Extension publication, Growing Kiwi Fruit. Happy fruiting.