Best hydrangea variety for Bethany Beach DE

Asked March 23, 2017, 8:34 AM EDT

i have a home on the loop canal in Bethany Beach DE. During high water situations my property will get a fair amount of salt water from the canal. I am getting ready to landscape this new home and want to know the best variety of hydrangea for my property., I know they are all salt tolerant. I want a sturdy variety that will get approx 4 - 5 feet high. I heard that Endless Summer is a good choice. Your thoughts please.

Sussex County Delaware

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Hi! Welcome to Delaware. I asked a volunteer who lives at the shore and has a beautiful landscape. Here is her answer regarding hydrangeas that have worked for her -
I think that my home garden on the bay and across the street from the ocean gets the worst of the weather here at the beach. I have planted "Lady in Red" where it does on occasion have tidal water and it is a lace cap but seems to be the strongest hydrangea I have. It flowered even in the very cold two winters we have had. Another really pretty hydrangea, mop head, is called "Peppermint". It too has plenty of wind but is not inundated with bay water. It has deep pink flowers with white edges-- a real beauty and it also flowered during the two harsh winters when others did not. I have endless summer as well and they do fine but are not my favorite. I have tried both small plants and large plants and the larger plants seem to do better with quicker recovery and growth after planting. I do have several other varieties and they seem to do well. The importance of amending the sandy soil with compost is key to sturdy growth.

I hope this is helpful as you made decisions about plants in your own landscape.
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