Plants that poison dogs

Asked March 23, 2017, 3:59 AM EDT

We have had repeated episodes in both our (large breed) dogs that seems to be some kind of poisoning. It seems to have nearly instant effect, affects their cardiac systems (extremely fast heart rates) primarily, and causes severe pacing, anxiety, and distress. Veterinarians have no idea what it is. It seems to be prevalent and most dangerous in early to late spring. We have had times where they nearly drag us across the yard to get at a lawn weed that seems to have some extremely powerful attraction to them, but no one seems to know what it is. They have access to both landscaped areas and pasture land (without other animals -- that we know of). Some notes are attached below. We also have mushrooms on the property, but the dogs appear to leave these alone. Can you help or even direct us for an identification or solution?

Yamhill County Oregon

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Thanks for sending your question to us.

We share your concern for your pets safety and health. I strongly suggest that you avoid allowing them outside unsupervised. They might be finding plants and or other materials that you might never see or be aware of. Even on leash I have seen a dog pickup and consume unknown material before the owner can react.
I do not see your attached notes, please resend, maybe cut and paste would work better. Please include pictures of the lawn weed that you are concerned about that is attractive to the dogs. Samples of this weed could be brought into the extension office to help with the ID. I will ask for assistance from our local extension agent as you described this as a possible poisoning issue.