Container growing medium for first year apple tree

Asked March 22, 2017, 10:31 PM EDT

Can you tell me what I should use to make a growing medium for my new apple trees? I went to the fruit propagation fair last week, and they grafted scions to two different root stocks. This week I have kept them in moist coconut fiber in pots. I would like to continue to grow them in pots, and want to know how to build a better soil that will last at least a year or two to keep them healthy. Can you recommend any brands or stores that I should look for locally? I have watched some videos recommending a mix of bark mulch, sand, vermiculite, beneficial fungus, azomite, and clay, with a layer of gravel and screen layering the bottom. Finding the right kind of clay is what I having the most trouble with, as it isn't sold at garden stores. Should I get hydropnic clay balls? What is a good blend for a first year potting mix for an apple tree? I live in Aloha Oregon.

Washington County Oregon

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Hi, I don't think you need to worry about the clay. Potted trees need porosity and clay works against that. Once clay dries it makes in considerably harder to wet the soil. If you were to add a clay product, "Turface" may be best. Apples will do well in a standard potting mix. If you are worried about soil moisture retention, try mulching the tops of your pots.