I am trying to find out if in fact coffee grounds are ok for my planting...

Asked March 22, 2017, 8:01 PM EDT

I am trying to find out if in fact coffee grounds are ok for my planting beds. I do have a collection of Hydrangeas and azaleas and rhododendrons. I am also using Pine needles for mulch. I am discovering different perspectives. most of the grounds I have saved are 1 to 2 months old. Can I use too much? any information would be helpful

Hamilton County Ohio

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We generally do not recommend adding kitchen materials directly to the soil. In some instances, homemade remedies are inferior or economically unsustainable. Many materials have not been evaluated due to a lack of feasibility on a large scale or a complete lack of evidence that the material has any desirable properties. Some homemade materials even cause plant injury. I’m delighter that you are interested in finding help from researched sources.

The attached website from Washington State Extension talks about using coffee grounds in your garden and landscape. I've also included information on pine needle mulch from Clemson University.