Lawn chemical collection?

Asked March 22, 2017, 5:55 PM EDT

Hello! Does the Extension office take old lawn chemicals for safe processing/disposal? If not, can you tell me who in Christian County does? Thank you.

Christian County Kentucky

3 Responses

The Extension office does not take old lawn chemicals, however the county holds two events each year that accepts lawn chemicals, as well as other hazardous wastes. I have emailed the contact for that program and will respond with those dates as soon as I hear back. You could also try contacting Solid Waste - (270) 887-4137.

Just a follow-up to your recycling question for lawn chemicals. The group who does that in the Hopkinsville area has tentatively scheduled the event for September 23rd. Look for more information in the local news as the date approaches.

Thank you so much for chasing this down! -- E.