What is wrong with my sod?

Asked March 22, 2017, 6:34 AM EDT

Three years ago, my street was reconstructed and a multi-use path-a large side walk was installed over and area that had been a parking lane. A boulevard was added to this path area from the street. New sod was installed on both sides of the path in late fall.. The contractor watered in the spring. It seemed to take off, but last year I ended up with little grass and mostly weeds inspite of all the rain during the year. What do I do this spring to get a healthy lawn in this area?

Steele County Minnesota

1 Response

From the description of the history of the area that needs a new lawn it is likely the soil is severely compacted. Severe compaction makes establishing a lawn difficult. Please see the fact sheets for protocols on how to renovate a lawn. Please
note that other areas of the country have acidic soil and it is rare in MN. Lime is rarely
needed as an amendment for MN soils. Amendments should be based on the recommendations from a soil test.