Aloe Vera plant with black patches and spots

Asked March 21, 2017, 9:54 PM EDT

Recently the lower leaves of my Aloe Vera plant have turned black, dried up and died. Some of the other leaves have black patches or a sprinkle of small, black dots on them, but the leaves are still solid. Is this Basal Stem Rot? Should I remove all the infected leaves? How can I treat the plant so that the other leaves don't die?

Montgomery County Pennsylvania

1 Response

The symptoms you describe could be disease, or they could be over watering. I suggest you take cuttings from the healthy part of the plant and root them. Be sure the cuttings are in the proper soil mix, and that you don't over water.
If the problem shows up in the cuttings once they've rooted, then you need to get rid of the plant and any plant debris, wash the pot and dip it into a weak bleach solution to kill any remaining microbes, and start with a new plant.