Getting Rid of Gooseberry Stragglers

Asked March 20, 2017, 5:34 PM EDT

After 6 years, I finally admitted my mistake and dug up the scratchy, pokey gooseberry bush I had planted. But it left all kinds of stragglers with roots hiding here and there in the soil.

Any suggestions for making sure they all go away? Choke cherries used to live in that spot until we cut and dug them out about 15 years ago. I'm STILL fighting with choke cherries coming up from the deeply-buried roots. Is that my fate with the gooseberry plants as well? - Carolyn

Denver County Colorado eliminating shrub suckers

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You can continue to dig them out, or you can brush the sucker with a systemic herbicide containing glyphosate or triclopyr that will travel internally in the plant's vascular system to destroy the plants' roots. Be careful that you don't accidentally spread these products on desirable plants in the vicinity because you don't want to wind up killing the good along with the bad.