tree recommendation

Asked March 20, 2017, 4:50 PM EDT

I want to plant a tree in my front yard. It is to replace a Crimson King Maple that was hit one too many times with the lawn mower. there are no utility lines to worry about and it would be approximately 100 or more feet from the house and 5-10 feet from the street. I would like something that doesn't have nuts or droppings that I would have to clean up. My favorite tree is the Quaking Aspen, which doesn't grow here. I love the quaking leaves. Is there a tree that would be like that? I have several maple trees, pine trees, 2 Crimson kings, tulip poplar, and white dogwoods already.

Oldham County Kentucky

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Quaking Aspen will not thrive in this area. Our hot summers stress the aspen causing it to become susceptible to disease and insect pests that will shorten it's life span. it also would not fit your no dropping requirements.
I would suggest a Yellow Wood as a possible choice. It has white flowers and small seed that generally doesn't need cleaning up. I would also suggest moving it away from the road to about 20 feet to avoid winter salt damage to the root system and branches over hanging the road.
For additional information contact me at the Oldham County Cooperative Extension Office.