Gopher, Dog, and/or Termites?

Asked March 20, 2017, 2:26 PM EDT

A friend's front yard has several bumps of exposed earth and their fenced in back yard was recently accessed by an animal digging under the fence gate area. Also the next door neighbor has what looks to be gopher furrows in their front yard next to the street. Are all three of these the same..animal - a gopher perhaps? Or are these 3 separate yard events? First attached photo is one of 7 earth bumps with a shoe for scale; second photo is the animal dig into backyard (looks like a dog to me because of the dirt mess behind it); third photo is a yard furrow that looks like a gopher tunnel.

Prince George's County Maryland

3 Responses

Raised tunneling in a lawn is made by moles. Groundhogs tunnel deeper and only the entrance hole and excavated soil kicked out are visible.

In your first photo, you might want to use a shovel to remove the hump of soil and look for a tunnel.

The 2nd photo shows no tunnel. General digging in a lawn or bed is often done by skunks looking for grubs. If so, fill it in. It will probably not be repeated.

Please read through this wildlife management fact sheet from our website Library > Publications:

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the "tunnel" in the second photo is a hole under the fence gate. I've attached other photos. The animal dug under leaving dirt scattered behind like a dog does when they dig. Whatever dug this hole couldn't move the white rock. No evidence of an animal in the back yard, where it was headed. Would a skunk leave behind a dirt mound like a dog?

Dogs will sometimes dig up mole tunnels looking for the moles so that could be part of what is going on here.