Dairy Farm Establishment.

Asked March 20, 2017, 1:19 PM EDT

I need assistance to establish a dairy farm.Please let me know how much money i should invest?. Please give some case studies of dairy farm who were successful .I am planning to install farm in Kothagudam(village in Kammam in India).


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You can find some information on dairy farming at the Indian National Dairy Research Institute website at http://ndri.res.in/ndri/Design/Index.html. Perhaps they can direct you to some local resources. The dairy industry in every country has some unique features and I have no experience with dairy farming in India. That said, there are a few key questions you should answer. 1. What dairy products do I want to produce? 2. Where will I sell my products, how much can I sell and at what price? 3. What resources do I have, including experience, skills, knowledge, money to invest, farm land, cows, equipment, etc.? 4. What government regulations apply to a dairy farm and what must I do to comply with them? 5. How large a farm do I need to have to be efficient and competitive with other dairy farms, and make the kind of income for living I want? Use whatever local resources are available to answer these questions, including working on the kind of dairy farm you wish to own and operate.

Design your farming plan to fit your interests and situation. Most importantly, assess the financial results of your farming plan. It is most important to evaluate the profitability and cash flow feasibility of your farm plan. If the results are not good then revise your plan or make a new plan.

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