What Insect is This?

Asked March 19, 2017, 8:11 PM EDT


Can you please identify this insect? Approximately 5/8" long and black with white markings?

Thank you,

Larimer County Colorado

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It is a longhorned beetle in the genus Neoclytus. Perhaps Neoclytus caprea (banded ash borer) a species that develop in dead ash, oak and some other hardwoods.

I am guessing, if found in the home, it came out of firewood.

Whitney, Thank you very much for identifying this insect. You are 100% correct I saw it in some ash firewood I have and thought of the Emerald ash borer at first and thought oh no! I went though every piece of firewood I have and killed everyone. Does this insect kill ash trees too? Thanks, Dan

Banded ash borer is a secondary borer, meaning it only develops in trees in advanced decline, or recently dead. It is not a tree killer.