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Asked March 19, 2017, 5:15 PM EDT

Hello! I'm writing to ask for advice on a specific plant that is somewhat sentimental. It's a potted jasmine that I've had since around this time last year, given to me when my mother passed away. I cared for it inside until summer last year, moved to a larger pot outside where it thrived and then brought it into my garage for winter to avoid the frost. I recently took it back out because there seemed to be large parts of it dying off and browning. It doesn't seem to be perking up much, though. Is this a normal cycle that a jasmine might go through, parts dying and shedding? If not, is there anything I can do to help save it? Bring it indoors? A certain food for it other than miracle grow, which I've used? I'm kind of desperate to save it. Thanks in advance!

Lincoln County Oregon

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I would be helpful to see a photo of the damage?
Also what variety of Jasmine?

Typically it can be an evergreen shrub or vining with fragrant white flowers.

It is cold sensitive, so having it in the garage with low light and low temperatures and then putting it outside may not have been the best idea-likely shocked the poor thing. My recollection it favors relatively warmer climates.

How much is brown and dead? You may be able to prune out if not too drastic.
I would definitely recommend moving it to a protected location-not necessarily indoors because you may shock it again. Triple shock!

I usually try to recommend educational research sites but could not find much
here is a link which may assist you

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