Spring Mulch Removal

Asked March 19, 2017, 3:28 PM EDT

We have straw mulch down and are not sure when to remove it given the mild winter and now warming temperatures and predictions of rain. Thanks, David & Suzy

Hennepin County Minnesota

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We understand how temping it is to uncover plants this spring. Unfortunately, the early summer like temperatures are gone for a few days and we may have freezing temperatures again next week. The leaves are protecting the plants. If you remove this layer you will need to put frost blankets over them when it get near freezing. I have been uncovering the leaves over the crowns on warm days and covering them again on cold nights. The soil is very dry. It will help your tree, shrubs, and other plants if you water them if we do not get additional rain. in some cases it is possible to leave it in place to discourage weeds.