What kind of bug?

Asked March 19, 2017, 1:48 PM EDT

Hi! I have noticed this bug inside and outside of my house, mostly in warmer months. These pictures were taken today, March 19, on the south side of my home, which gets a lot of sun. I noticed tons of these bugs along the foundation and in the river rock right next to the foundation. They weren't too active, just hanging out. The house in a 1960s rambler, so it's not real tight and these bugs find their way inside, but what kind of bug is it? Are they harmful to plants or the house in any way? Thanks!

Dakota County Minnesota

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Ah yes... You are seeing boxelder bugs. The URl below addresses these little pests which are particularly bad this year due to the periodic warm weather. This URl references another document specifying ways to control them. Be sure to read that also.

They will not harm the house nor your plants. They might leave a few stains around that clean up with soap and water. Yes, they easily find their way in. Caulking around openings can help. The best thing to do now is to vacuum them up and dispose of the vacuum bag immediately - such as in a trash can a distance from the house. (Voice of experience speaking here.)

Good luck with them. They are a terrible nuisance but not a danger.