Peach Tree Disease?

Asked March 18, 2017, 6:56 PM EDT

I went to prune my peach tree this spring and found an area on the main trunk that had a squishy/yellow/transparent substance on it. The bark was soft and pealing away. The tree has many buds on it still, and overall looks pretty healthy. Is there anything I need to do to treat this tree? I have attached a picture.

Spokane County Washington

3 Responses

Please take a look at this website for information regarding what is happening with your peach tree.

So once I cut out the diseased tissue, do I cover it with something? I read multiple things that say I should paint over it or cover it with something and not leave the tissue exposed.

It is not necessary to cover or paint the area after removing the gumminess and afflicted bark. The tree itself will seal over the cells and begin it work towards regrowing bark over the area (this may take a while depending on the size of the "wound.") One note is that you will want to avoid removing the bark from around the entire trunk of the tree as this will act as girdling and the tree will fail. There needs to be a "pathway" if you will for the tree to function in a manner that it will continue to grow and work on recovering from this event. Consider applying appropriate anti-fungal products as mentioned on the website. Follow the label. Good luck.