When to Spray Fruit Trees in NE Oregon

Asked March 18, 2017, 3:06 PM EDT

Hi. I am new to gardening the NE Oregon. I live between Enterprise and Lostine along highway 82. I would appreciate any advice you could offer about care of fruit trees before the fruit sets, particularly when to spray and against what diseases to protect against. I have started cherry, asian pear, and apricot trees in the last 2 years. Dwarf apple and 3 large plum trees are established already. This year I am planning to start a peach tree and grapes in containers.

Wallowa County Oregon fruit trees horticulture

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In Wallowa County most of the spraying of fruit trees as a preventative occurs before the buds swell. You will have to decide if the buds have begun to swell as to whether it is to late this year. Every year spray your fruit trees with a combination of Dormant Oil and Lime Sulfur . If you do this each year as early as possible to control fungus and over wintering insects you will help your situation. Then you can just respond with sprays when you find a problem.

Hope this helps